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» » » [Sex-Art] Julia Roca & Mango A - Doubleface (Video)
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[Sex-Art] Julia Roca & Mango A - Doubleface (Video)

Author: topmodelzCategory: Lesbian / Sex-ArtDate: 13-12-2014, 20:12
[Sex-Art] Julia Roca & Mango A - Doubleface (Video)

Sex-Art | 2014-12-05 | 00:14:37 | HD 1080p | 843 Mb

[Sex-Art] Julia Roca & Mango A - Doubleface (Video)

In titling his "Doubleface," Alis Locanta isn't addressing an act of betrayal or deception by a "two-faced" character, but rather the two contrasting halves of a romantic relationship. As is artfully established in the pre-title sequence, Julia Roca is outwardly conservative, calm, and understated. Her lover, Mango A, however, is brash, unconventional, and wild. But as different as they are in appearance and attitude, when they meet the two distinct halves combine to create a single entity, united in love, passion, and mutual desire. As befits her extrovert nature, Mango A is initially the more assertive of the pair, and after warm and loving kisses, it is she who disrobes, and then goes down on her lover. And while Julia Roca's public face may be composed and controlled, when she reaches climax she's raw, vocal, and entirely unrestrained. After a kiss and caress signaling her gratitude, Roca kneels before Mango and proceeds to tease and arouse her with a probing tongue and skilled fingers. When Mango is on the very brink of ecstasy Julia stands and the lovers rub and stroke each other to a pair of concluding climaxes, ending "Doubleface" with a double dose of orgasmic pleasure.

Tags: Sex-Art, Julia Roca, Mango A

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